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Reach the peaks of Industry 4.0 with BIM and Digital Twins. Take this journey with BIM Machine!

BIM Machine is a BIM integrator helping large industrial clients, EPC-companies and AEC-contractors to deploy
Digital twins and Industry 4.0 concept

BIM Community Leader

We promote BIM and unite BIM-thinking people by hosting BIM events called BIM Breakfasts. Top speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with students, designers, engineers, and contractors who are willing to boost their awareness about BIM.

BIM Services Provider

Uniting the full spectrum of engineering talent under one umbrella BIM Machine offers a range of industrial and residential BIM and laser scanning solutions to drive maximum value to the client’s operations.

BIM Training Consultant

We stand at the origins of Bentley training centre in Minsk and conduct courses devoted specifically to developing skills in working with Bentley Systems software. We are Autodesk and Bentley trainers for the company’s future employees and for our clients seeking educational opportunities.


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

The passion we work with BIM objects marvels both the clients and the company's newcomers. Such devotion leads to processes improvement and further development.


A Creative and Innovative BIM Agency

The ability to think outside the box has led us to innovative designs and project solutions that our EPC clients are still stunned with.


Connecting is Our Starting Point

We believe in networking and always start with getting to know your business needs and peculiarities. We treat communication as a vital part of BIM collaboration.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

When it comes to working with BIM Machine, there are no unsolvable issues. We are flexible, professional, meticulous, and aimed at the result.

BIM At Its Best

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Tailorable BIM Service is what our clients value. We adjust to your needs and policies to deliver best result possible.

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BIM At Its Best

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