How to get your AEC business move from projects to processes

June 22, 2021
Nick Blanton

We’ve been on the AEC market for quite a while already, working with various SMB companies all over the world. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve made a lot. Now is the time to share. Share knowledge, experience, and best practices.

As a BIM Integrator, BIM Machine has always been for establishing holistic BIM processes that drive value for architectural consultancies, surveying businesses, and project management teams that are actively engaged in the digital twin technology.

Defining core strengths and direction to pursue becomes a vital part of running any business, not to mention the fact when you need to scale it. Projects to processes transit is not easy nor quick, but all you need is to start. Check out BIM Machine’s guide on the first steps you ought to take to get your company reach a principally new level.

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