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Digital twins that in their nature are pure 3D or BIM models represent great value but they are somewhat stale without engineering data that is capable to improve business efficiency and integrate data from a variety of sources. Bentley Systems iTwin Sevices empower to create data-rich models that can handle other related information and depict real-world environment. Here’s the breakdown of what they really are and what advantages they bring.

What are iTwin Services?

Creating an infrastructure digital twin may pose a challenge both for designers and facility owners who strive for boosting efficiency, enhancing productivity, mitigating risks and reducing costs. Conventional BIM models or digital twins represent only the physical part of the asset lacking virtuality or engineering data that is captured from an array of smart devices and process set up at infrastructure projects. iTwins offer a comprehensive solution to embed reality data and employ it to maximize efficiency by:


Getting rid of dark data


Creating living digital twins


Using an open CDE

The term ‘dark data’ as defined by Gartner and Bentley Systems means such type of data that is created in proprietary software and is stored in the specific format that another software is unable to digest. To avoid situations when project systems can’t communicate with each other Bentley has come up with iModel solution that absorbs data in any format and makes it homogeneous. The attributes in the final twin pertain one type of values e.g. mm and become easily understandable and usable by all the team members.

A full-blown digital representation is neither about 2D drawings transferred to a plain PDF nor about a 3D or 4D BIM model. To call a digital twin worthwhile it must be living and changing with every step of the asset’s lifecycle. It must incorporate both the geometry and engineering data to reflect the ongoing process and gather data from multiple sources such as drones, sensors, IoT-devices simultaneously. The goal is to reach efficient collaboration both inside and outside the twin.


Openness and scalability of the platform are what constitutes the nature of iTwin Services. Open common data environment allows the free flow of data with the ability to initiate reviews from the design model itself and streamline review sessions. All records and changes are safely stored in the cloud and are synchronized throughout the whole lifecycle of the asset. iTwins are easily integrated with other Bentley Systems software e.g. SYNCHRO to drive maximum value at various stages of the project.


What are the components of iTwins?

The following data is gathered from the physical asset, visualized, tracked, analysed, and continuously updated:


What are the benefits of iTwins?

As dynamic digital twins, iTwins represent the assets and processes going on in infrastructure as they really are, which allows for real-world data to be the one decisions are relying on. Rapid access to the iTwin and the capability to track, visualize and simulate changes and decisions in a virtual environment play pivotal roles in gaining a better understanding, increasing efficiency and avoiding downtime or rework. iTwin Services help to integrate data sources and contribute to a more productive way we plan, design, analyze, build and operate. iTwins span across the entire lifecycle of an asset, which makes:

  • Planners to conduct site surveys and capture reality in a safe, precise and timely manner
  • Designers to plan and visualize more accurately, initiate quality reviews, track project changes and engage stakeholders
  • Engineers and analytics to perform various simulation
  • Construction contractors and site workers to adjust schedules, simulate logistics, monitor progress and review status
  • Management team to run HSSE and operator training, plan maintenance, verify before execution, detect inefficiencies and mistakes, inspect the asset remotely.

BIM Machine offers to make these benefits tangible by setting up or migrating to Bentley Systems infrastructure and iTwins, reducing implementation risks, expediting team productivity and coaching for iTwin capabilities.We deliver 4D Building Information Modelling and go along the way of its implementation from the building conception down to its construction, maintenance and demolition.

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