Scan to BIM

When there’s a need for a highly accurate as-built BIM model for further retrofit, refurbishment or renovation, Scan to BIM services are the ones to delve into. Leveraging laser scanning technology you gather highly precise imagery which is then transformed into a holistic 3D BIM model with all the added value the BIM technology brings. 

What Are The Benefits of Scan to BIM?

We offer a range of solution to maximise the value of your project and deliver it with high savings to the overall cost. Point clouds obtained in the process of laser scanning provide sharp geometry that is then complemented with other data of value represented in a BIM model bringing a number of benefits, such as:

1. Design Reliability
Shop drawings obtained from a BIM Model are highly accurate and depict all systems in the way they are built. All the alteration to the design are properly recorded and safely stored in the cloud, which allows as-needed access and eliminates the possibility of errors at the design stage.

2. Improved Coordination
Scan to BIM improves coordination between the systems making all the processes transparent and enabling teams to reach consensus faster. Clashes are resolved in the digital representation of the asset, which saves time and money to the facility owner and contractors.

3. Cost Savings
The money invested in deploying laser scanning and BIM model creation results in significant savings as compared to traditional surveying and 2D drawings. 3D scans converted into 3D BIM models carry geometric and non-geometric attributes that correspond to the level of detail required.

4. Better Sustainability
Scan to BIM opens up opportunities for improving the sustainability of the project. It also allows for energy consumption calculations and minimizing the negative footprint of construction, renovation and rehabilitation projects.

5. Enhanced Facility Management
Building performance monitoring and recording enhance facility management and help to deploy operational scenarios that reduce cost and favour better risk management and security measures to be adopted.

When and why to rely on Scan to BIM?

BIM Machine team provides raw point cloud data to building information model of the required LOD transfer. We work with various clients, assisting them at the design, construction and facility management stages. Our scan to BIM service results beneficial as it enables the processes to be fulfilled in the digital representation first. 

We process point clouds to develop 3D or 4D BIM Models, run quality assurance and clash detection and correction on various levels of projects execution. Our architects, structural, MEP, HVAC, electrical and water supply engineers have extensive experience of working on residential and industrial projects of varying level of difficulty driving value by conveying data into a BIM model which is free from any discrepancies or inaccuracies.

Scan to BIM drives value in new construction, retrofit, renovation and rehabilitation projects to provide as-built vs as-designed comparison, clash detection and resolution, quality assurance and quality control, site monitoring and progress tracking, finding better design solutions and operating the facility throughout its lifecycle. 

Our software expertise lies with Autodesk, Bentley Systems, and Navisworks products.

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