BIM Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services

The process of BIM quality assurance or quality control consists of checking the various levels of BIM for them to be consistent and comply with the BIM standards used in the project. QA is run upon completion of every system in the project design and is destined to eliminate errors. The 3D BIM model is inspected for overlaps, inconsistencies, and improper naming of the building’s elements that may trigger complications at other stages of project realization.

How does BIM QA/QC work?

  1. We build the model of an asset or use the one you supply to run quality assurance.
  2. We identify discrepancies, find collisions, and detect systems clashes.
  3. BIM Machine engineers solve systems conflicts, introduce changes and find the best solutions to improve the design.

What do you get?

The output you receive is a clean, ready-to-use BIM model with all the systems coordinated, fittings in place, and interference not found. Clash detection and resolution constitutes one complex solution, although you may opt for just a part of it and receive an in-depth analysis of the systems in the BIM model checked and verified according to the BIM standard you work with.

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Professional Expertise


Architectural BIM, Revit BIM, 3D Architectural Modeling, Construction Documentation


MEP BIM, MEP Coordination, Cleanrooms, MEP Design, As-Built MEP Modeling


Structural BIM, Structural Detailing, As-Built Structural Modeling, Construction Documentation

Architectural, structural, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and HVAC, Fire Protection is the in-house expertise our architectural, surveying, construction, and EPC clients drive benefit from.

Software Expertise


Bentley Systems




We are mainly relying on Autodesk and Bentley Systems software solutions, Tekla and Dlubal for Structural Building Information Modeling. With extensive industry expertise, we are also trying to be software agnostic, and are ready to discuss any specific software utilization.

International Standards We Follow

We follow International and Local Standards, as well as company standards and regulations applied as per the client or project.

Essential Points We Discuss

How We Work

Inhouse Team

We are a team of 25 professional engineers working in-house only. We don't hire any freelancers.

Established Working Process

Our working process takes place in Minsk, Belarus (GMT+3). Besides internal BIM processes we have a well-established communication and reporting process.

Quality First

We run internal QA/QC of the deliverables and guarantee the quality of a model. If you happen to find any bugs, we will fix them for free asap.

Task Compliance

Prior to the project start, we agree on the project milestones and verify the requirements at the kick-start meeting.​

Immediate Start

When a project requires less than 5 people to be deployed, we can guarantee a nearly immediate start.

Flexible Contract Types

We agree on one of the 4 contract types available. The type mainly depends on the project scope and duration.

Common Data Environment

We agree on the repository to house the project data during the kick-start meeting. Can be either locale or cloud storage.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

When necessary we sign an NDA for a project or all projects. Our employees sign an NDA from day 1 in the company and are not eligible to disclose any of the working processes by default.

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