Bentley BIM Modeling

In-house Team Back-up

25 BIM Machine engineers back up your existing BIM department according to the project needs.

Adjustable capacity

We handle projects from small to large – processing plants, dams

Bentley Systems Inc. is one of the major software development companies tailoring its products for efficient surveying, modelling, design, engineering, construction and maintenance of industrial plants and infrastructure. Utilizing Bentley Systems software, BIM Machine helps surveyors, architects, planners, contractors, maintenance engineers and managers to go digital and extract maximum value out of the digital technology.


Modelling, documentation, visualization


Reality capture, point clouds, photogrammetry


Plant design and operation


Steel and Concrete Design


Road network project delivery


Collaborative environment, workflow management


Multiple-discipline integrated environment


Piping design and analysis 

Raceway and Cable Management

Cable routing, cable trenches, raceways


Bridge design and analysis

Scan to Bentley BIM Model

BIM Machine’s Bentley BIM Modelling services help to tackle various problems architects, engineers, contractors and site workers face during all stages of a project lifecycle.

Highly precise point clouds obtained in the process of laser scanning carry accurate data for building a holistic Building Information Model. The data captured during laser-backed surveying results highly valuable in performing as-built modelling or BIM modelling for reconstruction and rehabilitation purposes.

BIM Machine engineers process point clouds to develop BIM models of various levels of detail. We utilize Bentley software to process a point cloud and deliver a full-blown building information model. Our in-house architects, structural engineers, MEP and HVAC engineers, water supply engineers and electrical engineers develop a sophisticated 3D model to mirror the information gathered from the point cloud in Bentley.

Bentley BIM QA/AC

With the leverage of a 3D BIM model, our BIM Managers run quality assurance and quality control to ensure the client receives merit results. Clash detection performed in Bentley software identifies discrepancies and eliminates miscommunication between the systems. Bentley BIM coordination and clash resolution performed by BIM Machine ensures the model is accurate and clean. 

The collisions are identified among all the systems be it electricity or pipes. BIM quality assurance proofs to be an indispensable part of any design, construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation project. 

4D Bentley BIM

BIM Machine delivers accurate time and scheduling for better construction coordination. 4D modelling is performed using Bentley’s SYNCHRO 4D software toolkit enabling construction teams to perform tasks with fewer risks and better communication among the people involved in the project realization. 

All-encompassing 4D Bentley BIM model gives useful insights for construction site workers improving delivery time and quality.

Tailored Bentley BIM Services

BIM Standard Development 

BIM Machine develops industry and client-specific BIM standards to maximize favorable output from leveraging BIM technology in the company’s ecosystem. Clearly defined standards minimize rework, speed up future processes as well as help to categorize and understand the asset’s facilities better.

V8i to CONNECT Transfer

V8i to CONNECT edition transfer may pose some challenges that BIM Machine engineers will help you to overcome. Outdated v8i version models are smoothly replaced with CONNECT edition models that allow to run the facility with no obstacles or bugs occurring.

Educational Courses 

We have extensive experience in conducting industry and software-specific educational courses. The tutors have 10+ projects experience, deploying BIM models in various Bentley Systems’ applications. Customized training with additional materials and extensive practice is now available remotely.

Bentley Ecosystem Adoption

We aid you in adopting Bentley Systems’ software and reshaping your working processes. Our consulting services are widely used by companies who are starting their way towards going digital with Bentley Systems. 

Bentley Systems’ Solutions BIM Machine Employs

We deploy a range of Bentley software solutions that include but are not limited to AutoPIPE, ContextCapture, MicroStation, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, iTwin, SYNCHRO…

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