4D Building Information Model (BIM) is another dimension placed on top of a conventional 3D BIM model. The added value of the fourth dimension is time scheduling and sequencing, which eliminates the number of errors and rework during the construction phase of the project.

Problems Solved with BIM Machine’s 4D BIM

BIM Machine’s 4D BIM Modelling services help to tackle various problems architects, engineers, contractors and site workers face. Among them are:

We help to overcome these challenges by deploying a 4D BIM model with a clear and faultless representation of three dimensions coupled with the project schedule, calculating, planning and visualizing the work in progress.

4D BIM Benefits

Relying on our 4D BIM expertise you guarantee that your construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation project will be better planned, sequenced, and coordinated between the departments. You will also improve site monitoring and increase safety as well as ensure transparency through the entire project.

4D BIM: Planning and sequencing

The fourth dimension gives a tangible advantage to contractors by depicting the actual construction process that will take place on a construction site. A better understanding of the sequence, materials and workforce supply time lessens the amount downtime triggered by miscommunication between supply and installation teams. 4D BIM empowers contractors to make the right choices by simulating them in a virtual environment and getting valuable data concerning the construction project to be fulfilled.

4D BIM: Coordination

Visual 4D models are easily accessible and readable by all the specialists involved in the construction project. Opting for our 4D BIM services, less time will be spent on negotiations and resolving issues as the disciplines will be prior coordinated in a BIM model. The possibility to introduce changes into the design prompts other time sequences to be deployed. 

4D BIM: Clashes and Workflow

In a 4D BIM model, the clashes are spotted and resolved far ahead of the actual construction. Proper communication and planning allow the teams to reach maximum productivity and eliminate misunderstandings or misperceptions. 

4D BIM: Site Monitoring

Finishing on schedule becomes a pain point of any construction. Tracking construction processes and mapping them on the initial schedule helps to assess the progress and implement scenarios to attain better productivity and quality. As-built vs as-designed and as-scheduled comparisons open up deviations and result valuable in quality assurance. 

4D BIM: Site and Data Safety

4D BIM models are used for safety regulation on a construction site as well as for more secure data storage nulling the chance of construction data to become used by unauthorized users. By leveraging 4D BIM better risk management is achieved and successfully deployed.

BIM Machine 4D Building Information Modelling Services

We deliver 4D Building Information Modelling and go along the way of its implementation from the building conception down to its construction, maintenance and demolition.

We offer 4D:

  1. Pre-bid presentation
  2. Construction Phasing
  3. Construction Simulation
  4. Construction Video Animation
  5. Building Construction & Maintenance Planning
  6. Construction Demolition & Renovation

We help you reach 4D BIM with:

Navisworks –  a comprehensive software to complement 3D models and design

SYNCHRO – a portfolio of integrated software and services for digital construction management

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