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Rely on experience

We’ve walked a long way with BIM by the hand – starting from small residential projects and moving on to large processing plants

Take a player-coach

We’ve mastered a unique superpower of acting as software trainers, modeling team players, and creative strategy inventors

What do we do?

General BIM

BIM Machine strives for maximizing efficiency when addressing common BIM tasks, which are standardized according to the client’s needs. The requirements are set forth in the EIR as per the client/project and are strictly complied with by the team.

Insightful BIM

We deploy professional knowledge, previous project experience, and our ingenuity to tweak client’s BIM performance and advise on a more profound BIM use for a particular team or project.

Forefront BIM

Senior BIM Machine engineers are adept at making it all work no matter what. We customize software and deliver project-vital features to leverage the design and modeling process.




General BIM services

Projects seldom run smoothly. Commonly, at least one critical component becomes vulnerable, be it the deadline, the quality of the product, or the budget, which seemingly defies its limits.

Well-tuned processes, on the other hand, work as a clock, are significantly more sustainable to being interrupted, and are destined to increase efficiency.

With this in mind, we have established a process-oriented approach to fundamental BIM tasks, such as laser scanning, BIM modeling, BIM content creation, and construction documents generation.

When you say, “My team capacity is not enough,” we analyze your project needs, adjust our existing processes, and enhance them to meet common goals. Given that, each project we’ve had empowers us to perform better and makes you a more competitive market player.

When you say, “I am struggling with hitting the deadline,” we welcome trained in the BIM Community we run professionals to join our in-house team and cooperate with your BIM managers to deliver quality results right on time.

When you say, “The stakes are too high,” we agree to share your change of scope and time risks and cooperate on pay-when-paid basis. Our cumulative project experience makes us bid more precisely, and deliver projects under changing circumstances.

Insightful BIM Services

Experience is always an attribute to large technologically complex projects. Yet, it is also an obstacle to taking a completely new type of project.

BIM Machine engineers can boast working on one-of-a-kind civil and industrial projects including processing plants, dams and cleanrooms.

The facilities we made digital twins for, got recognition in the international arena winning Bentley Year In Infrastructure awards in Mining and Offshore Engineering, Land and Site Development project categories.

BIM Managers at BIM Machine are certified Autodesk tutors and part-time professors at the National Technical University and post-graduate education. It gives us the advantage of attracting well-trained personnel and hand the knowledge and expertise over to rising talent. 

The hard skills we implement on projects are transferred to soft skills when various BIM engineers become coaches for other software products they work in. Thus, we have a constant accumulation of knowledge and implement it on BIM training and BIM consulting projects.

Forefront BIM Services

Project needs are rarely identical, in most cases they are unique, thus the BIM services provided should be tailored for each client. For that reason, BIM Machine has deployed a dedicated team capable of developing both software and industry-specific features.

Autodesk Forge API developers solve software limitation issues, create one-of-a-kind solutions that are compatible with existing software, which makes digital transformation and system integration run smoothly.

Our design team has been renowned for taking part in technologically complex projects that involved scientific studies, project tools enhancement, and making use of BIM in harsh environments. Unique design experience spans across industries and continents involving major construction projects. The design of the largest-to-be zoo in Europe has recently been delivered by the team, with sophisticated calculations for cages and meshes done to prevent the animal’s escape or damage.

Why Us?

We work with top mining and metals companies found on the Forbes lists

We deliver projects that gain international recognition and win prestigious awards

We are a systematic BIM Integrator –  BIM Community, BIM Training Center and BIM Services Provider under one roof

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Clients are both small, medium-sized, and large surveying businesses, architectural bureaus, construction and EPC contractors, mining & metals industry leaders as well as AEC technological startups

Our project geography spans across 15 countries, which are the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, the UAE, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Our all in-house team comprises of architects, structural, MEP, HVAC, Fire protection engineers, as well as waste water and hydraulic specialists.

Our General BIM Services are mostly backed by Autodesk Suite, Insightful and Forefront BIM Services are powered by two software vendors – Autodesk and Bentley Systems.

We can always be found on Mon-Fri at 24 Klary Cetkin Street, 4th floor, office 1, Minsk, Belarus.

We sign an NDA with the Clients we work with, all our employees sign a corporate non-disclosure agreement as well.

The cost of BIM Services is defined as per project but can be automatically calculated for similar projects from recurring clients.

Urgency, software to be used, change of request, guarantee period for the project deliverables, amount of prepayment, and net period directly affect the quote.

With all new clients we work on Fixed Price schema. Other models we utilize are T&M, dedicated team and costs plus.

All internal QA/QC processes are standardized and have multiple layers. First, each employee runs a self-check according to the ‘Failures list’ – a compilation of most common mistakes done on particular type of projects. Second is a peer-check, then PM-check, and if needed a CTO-check.

We agree on acceptance criteria prior to the project inception. If there happen to be any bugs, we fix them on our own expense as soon as possible. Change of request is 100% covered by the client.

Yes, we do. Any project has a guarantee period for tackling arising issues. Large projects most commonly have an extended guarantee and support period.

Our Clients


Isaac Kendall


With BIM Machine, I maximized productivity and scaled my Scan to BIM capabilities up to 100 projects a year – a milestone I have never expected to reach.

Alexandra Kungurov

Head of BIM Department

BIM Machine is not just an awesome company, they are people who I trust even the most complicated BIM job.

Andrey Aksyonov

Director of the Information Modelling Department

BIM Machine has become an indispensable part of our team. Even the most unattainable goals become a tangible result when you trust modeling with them.

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