BIM Services Engagement Models

The price of a service, which is often treated as something obscure, depends on many factors. Yet, the correlation between the chosen contracting model and the final quote remains the main factor for the calculation.

To actually answer the questions How much does BIM outsourcing cost?, What affects the price of BIM services? and guide you through the possible ways of contracting Building Information Modeling out, we've done a detailed comparison of the pricing plans currently available at BIM Machine.
Pricing Models

Engagement Models Comparison

 Fixed Price
Time and Materials
Dedicated TeamCosts Plus
(open book)
Build Operate Transfer
Primary focusProjectProjectProcessProjectProcess
Recommended forOne-of-a-kind projects. Transferring risks to BIM MachineProjects with random frequency, urgent needRepeated similar projects that shape a “process”. Knowledge accumulationLarge and long projects requaring economy of scaleDigital transformation projects. Building up a new practice inside of your company
Tech specification and project acceptance criteriaAgreed before the project inceptionNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredAgreed before the project inception
Change requestsNoNoUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Service level agreementNoBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Transparency level**************
Extended warranty period*NoNoYesYesTBD
BIM Machine’s remunerationIncludedIncludedIncludedIs agreed with the ClientIs agreed with the Client
All costs should be approved by the ClientNoNoNoYesYes
Min. contract size with BIM MachineNoNo3 Months1 Year1 Year
Min. billing chunkNo1 Day1 Month1 QuarterTBD
Billing frequencyTBD1/Month1/Month1/QuarterTBD
Payment structurePrepayment + payment upon deliveryPayment upon delivery / pay when paid100% prepayment100% prepaymentTBD
The scope of work has a risks buffer => increased pricingYesNoNoNoNo
Engineering talent distribution among BIM Machine’s clientsFirst come, first served. Talent rotationFirst come, first served. Talent rotationGuaranteed capacity. Talent rotation only upon requestGuaranteed capacity. Talent rotation only upon requestGuaranteed capacity. Talent rotation only upon request
The Client controls the emloyee’s salary and incentivesNoNoNoYesYes
Direct communication between the client and an employeeNoNoYesYesYes

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