Pedestrian bridge

Autodesk, Dynamo and SOFiSTiK-backed Design of a Pedestrian Bridge

Quick Facts

Facility: Modular Pedestrian Bridge 

Bridge Span: ~30 meters 

Duration: 2 months 

Services Provided: Architectural Design, Structural Design, FEA Analysis 

Software Solutions: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Flow Design, Dynamo, SOFiSTiK

Final Deliverables: Concept Design, Detailed Design, Construction Documents 


The Bridge is an ambition to organically blend a space frame structure into pedestrian infrastructure. The core idea of the Project has been to design a lightweight bridge that generates a carbon-negative construction footprint. Destined to become a notable public space, the concept of the footbridge includes the promotion of green construction and LEED principles. Custom modifications done in Dynamo facilitated the Autodesk Revit 2019 design process making the bridge perfectly fit into urban architecture. Structurally, the pedestrian bridge design is uncomplicated but rigid and sustainable which has been proved during computational analysis. Finite Element Analysis, aerodynamics cross-flow velocity, and cross-flow pressure demonstrated the design viability. 

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