Shopping Mall: As-Built vs As-Designed

Deviation Analysis for a Retail Facility

Quick Facts

Facility: Vitalur Shopping Mall, Grodno, Belarus
Facility Size: 40,900 sq. ft. 
Duration: 1 month
Services Provided: Laser Scanning, BIM Modeling, Deviation Analysis
Hardware Solutions: Faro Focus X130
Software Solutions: Autodesk ReCap Pro, Autodesk Revit
Final Deliverables: BIM Model, Deviation Investigation Report



Unable to tell the severity of construction mistakes, the Client required an accurate survey and a detailed comparison of as-built and as-designed facilities. A multi-axis metal frame structure made the most of the shopping center thus entailing 3D laser scanning as the best-fit solution for the survey. By building a highly accurate and detailed (nodes, fixtures) 3D BIM model, we managed to locate the deviations and issue a set of recommendations to fix the discrepancies. The building owner commissioned the center with minimum delays and handed the BIM model over to be used during the exploitation phase.

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