Laser Scanning: Pharmaceutical Plant

Leica RTC 360 Scanning of Minskintercaps Pharmaceutical Plant

Quick Facts

Facility: Minskintercaps, Minsk, Belarus
Facility Size: 50,000 sq. ft. 
Duration: 1 week
Services Provided: Laser Scanning
Hardware Solutions: Leica RTC 360
Software Solutions: Autodesk ReCap Pro
Final Deliverables: Registered Point Cloud



As one of the key pharmaceutical manufacturers in Belarus, Minskintercaps is constantly upgrading the factory, laboratories, and cleanrooms it disposes of. The company opted for the rehabilitation and modernization of its facilities by means of full-blown digital twins. For the first stage of the digital transformation process, namely data capture of the existing environment, a Leica RTC 360 laser scanner has been deployed. With 496 stops and 200GB of a registered point cloud, BIM Machine delivered a high-quality scan to advance the digital twin creation process.

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