Railway bridge

Deformation Analysis for a Railway Bridge Span​

Quick Facts

Facility: Railway Bridge

Bridge Span: 30 meters

Duration: 1 month

Services Provided: Laser Scanning, Structural Modeling, Finite Element Analysis

Software Solutions: Autodesk ReCap Pro, SOFiSTiK

Final Deliverables: Finite Element Analysis, Expert Conclusion


Having been improperly fabricated, a railway bridge span was to be installed onto the existing infrastructure facility in the run of a reconstruction process. To assure the deformed structure safety regulations compliance, FARO Focus 3D X 130 was deployed to perform laser scanning of the span. The 3D Structural model created basing on the point cloud data has significantly improved performance in revealing discrepancies between as-designed and as-built spans. Finite Element Analysis (FEA), in its turn, contributed to the timely and accurate assessment of the span’s Euro Norms regulations compliance.

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